10/15/2017 John Shierlaw Service is exemplary at Boyds. I am always confident that the job will be done and done well!
10/14/2017 Marilyn Kasten Thanks Sandra for getting me in the same day when my A/C was not working. Your guys not only fixed the A/C but now the fan works for all settings - not just on & off. This was never mentioned. Both Sandra & Nancy tell me what is going on & why they are doing what they are doing. Thanks to all!
10/3/2017 Henry Sikkens The service for the etest was a pleasant surprise. Quick service and no bill!
10/2/2017 Trent Baker The application wasn't as well done as previous two. My 4WD lock was switched on and I drove to Ridgeway before noticing it. not very good for tires and universals. I'm not too worried about the spray application as the warranty for rust is a good one with this product. Otherwise OK
Hi Trent, Thanks for taking the time to give us some feedback on how we did. I wonder if my guy may have hit the switch inadvertently when he was wiping things down? I have talked to him about it and he has no memory of it being in four wheel drive and he apologizes that this has happened. As far as the spray goes, yes the warranty is great, but if there are some areas of the spray that are not what you think they should be, by all means, we'd be more than happy to touch it up for you. You can give us a call anytime or just stop by if you are in the area. We promise to do better next time. - Boyd Automotive and Tire
10/2/2017 Gerry Proctor great service
9/29/2017 Adrian Cayton Extremely efficient, professional & friendly, we have recently moved into the area and Boyd's now take care of all 4 of our family cars and we are all very happy with the service - thank you!
9/28/2017 Anonymous The servicing on the car is good enough, but it doesn't stop there. The free TV and WiFi in the waiting room, shuttle service, and friendly office staff are all icing on the cake. Great services for a busy Mom like me. Getting a car repair never has to come with feelings of dread anymore. Thanks so much!
9/25/2017 Marc Dube Great courteous service I can trust.
9/24/2017 Nancy Chiaramonte excellent service!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
9/21/2017 Joanna Brodie Very professional and kind staff. Stu was very helpful as my car had a very rare problem. He fixed all the damage and the problem for a fraction of the price I was quoted at the dealership. Couldn't recommend them enough! Keep up the amazing work and ethic. Good to have a mechanic I can trust!
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