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There are two problems when your car's alignment is not done correctly:

  • Driving your car dramatically becomes more expensive - tire wear
  • Driving your car instantly becomes more hazardous - to you and the rest of the drivers around you

An improperly done alignment will cost you more money because it actually decreases your gas mileage as well as your tire life. Also, it also increases strain to your car’s steering and build. A proper alignment should have your car’s wheels run perpendicular to the floor and parallel to one another other. Properly adjusting and fine-tuning these wheel angles at an ASE Certified approved shop like ours, will bring your car back into the right alignment.

An improperly done alignment puts your safety at risk because out-of-alignment cars tugs and floats from a straight road which may cause a fender bender. Too much tire wear—another consequence of an improper car alignment—leads to tire flats, blow-outs and bad tire traction, which may also cause an accident.

Our St. Catharines auto repair is certified and professional and guaranteed to give you a proper car alignment to keep yourself and your wallet safe.

Why does bad alignments happen?

  • After any kind of collision; big or small, that results in damage to your car’s body or frame.
  • Your car needs attention ASAP after you have noticed steering problems or uneven tire wear patterns.
  • Alignment difficulties arise from something as minor as going over a pothole, or scraping a curb.

Be aware of the symptoms for us to better help and determine if your car needs our computerized alignment facilities.


A defective caster angle affects your car’s steering by making it more loose or difficult to handle.


A defective camber angle sometimes create car pulling and extreme tire wear.


A defective toe angle will also wear down your car’s tires.

Schedule an appointment with us and you'll be guaranteed to receive:

  • Tires that have a longer lifetime
  • Easier and smoother steering
  • Better gas mileage
  • Safer driving