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Brake Service | Boyd Automotive and Tire

Brake Service

Your Brakes are arguably some of the most important components in you are and some of the most directly used components by you. They are most likely the components that you can most relate with. When they are not performing right, it can be not only annoying, but worry some and ultimately dangerous. You can trust Boyd Automotive and Tire in St. Catharines to help stop your worries, and your vehicle. By following strict inspection guidelines (Motorist Assurance Program Uniform Inspection Guidelines), Boyd Automotive and Tire can ensure you safe and smooth travels.

Every make and model is different in terms components, specifically braking systems. But all are similar and can be classified into two simple categories: Hydraulics, and friction. Hydraulic components are those which when the brake pedal is pressed down, apply pressure to the friction components. The hydraulics push/ pull/ clamp braking parts against your wheels to create resistance on them. The wheels in turn slow, and if properly maintained - stop.

   There are many warning signs which can help you to prevent brake damage or failure. Your brakes may need to be serviced if:

> Squealing or grinding noises can be heard when brakes are applied

> If the dashboard's ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) light is on

> While applied, your vehicle pulls to one side

> The brakes feel extremely hard to press down 

> The vehicle begins to shake while braking

Are you experiencing one of the above warning signs? Or do you have any questions regarding brakes? Be sure to contact Boyd Automotive and Tire St. Catharines to get explanations and answers or book a servicing appointment today to get your brakes fixed right away.


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