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Cooling System Maintenance | Boyd Automotive and Tire

Cooling System Maintenance

The Cooling System regulates the temperature of your engine, and carries heat away by circulating anti-freeze/ coolant through it. At Boyd Automotive and Tire in St. Catharines, we  recommend that you get a preventative seven point cooling system maintenance check on your vehicle at least once every two years. The inspection of the cooling system identifies which areas need attention, and is comprised of the following:

  • A visual inspection of all cooling system components particularly belts and hoses
  • A radiator cap pressure test to check the recommended system pressure level
  • A thermostat check to ensure proper opening and closing
  • A pressure test to identify problematic leaks within the cooling system parts. This includes the radiator, engine coolant passages, water pump, heater hoses, radiator, and heater core
  • An internal leak test to identify problematic combustion gas leaks which are vented into the cooling system

The Cooling System Operation

Today's vehicles operate within a very wide temperature range. Often times from well below freezing, to a whopping 100 F! To counter this, the fluid that is used to cool the engine must have 1. A low freezing point, 2. A high boiling point, and 3. the ability to transfer a great deal of heat. Having the right amounts and kinds of coolant reduce the possibility of an engine over-heating and/or freezing. These liquids also have additives that help to prevent rust and corrosion, thus extending the life of your vehicle. At Boyd Automotive and Tire in St. Catharines, our technicians know and can recognize the importance of a properly working cooling system. Call, e-mail, or stop in today to get your questions answered or to schedule an appointment.