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Electrical Service

The electrical system in your vehicle is in many senses, the life of the vehicle. Without a properly working electrical system, your vehicle may not start, or perform the way it should. You may not be able to proper make use of all of the features, luxuries and comforts that you bought it with. There are four main parts which compose this vital system that your vehicle is so dependent on.

First off the BATTERY - your power supply. You need power to start you engine in the first place. We recommend that it be checked at every Oil change and replaced at intervals of every three to four years.

Secondly your ALTERNATOR. This is what takes over after you vehicle is started. It is a small generator which replenishes the battery and keeps the car running. This powers lights and accessories.

Thirdly, the STARTER MOTOR. This converts electrical energy into mechanical energy to start the vehicle. We recommend that the starter be tested every spring to make sure that it draws the correct amounts of current.

Lastly, the WIRING. Their purpose fairly straight forward, Wires transfer current from component to component and get electricity where it needs to be.

Do you have questions or concerns for your electrical system? Contact Boyd Automotive and Tire in St. Catharines  or stop in to get answers and professional maintenance on your car today.