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Emissions Testing 1998 and newer | Boyd Automotive and Tire

Emission Testing

Are you due for an Emissions Test? Bring your vehicle in to Boyd Automotive & Tire in St Catharines to get an Emissions Test today. We are an accredited emissions testing facility for light duty vehicles, 1998 and newer that takes pride in thorough inspections. We will send you back on the road legally approved. If your vehicle needs other repairs to meet Ontario regulations, we'll recommend them.

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Tip: Want to improve your odds of passing an Emissions Test? Regularly maintain your vehicle by following your owner's manual guidelines.

Emission Test Failure?

Has your vehicle recently failed an Emissions Test? Are you due for an Emissions Test and not sure your vehicle will pass? Get all the emission system repairs you need; simply bring it to our service station. Our professionals know the importance of a street legal vehicle and work hard on your repairs.

Give us a call or stop by today and we will be happy to assist you.