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Exhaust Service

When you think of an exhaust system, you probably think of a muffler. But your exhaust system is much more than that. It is composed by a series of pipes that run under your vehicle. They are responsible for controlling noise output and carrying fumes safely away from passengers. Sort of like a house chimney, carrying dangerous incomplete combustion byproducts such as carbon monoxide, away from inhabitants and safely into the atmosphere. The exhaust system also converts these pollutants into less harmful byproducts. The system also recycles emissions by using them to heat fuel before it goes into the engine's cylinders. The exhaust system also pressurizes gas to improve your vehicles efficiency and performance.

Some key components include:

Exhaust Pipes:
Each is designed specifically for it's model. This pipe is used to route engine exhaust to the rear of the vehicle.

Exhaust Manifold:
The exhaust manifold acts like a funnel. It collects the gases from all cylinders (where gas is turned into kinetic/movement energy) and releases them through to the exhaust pipes.

Catalytic Converter:
The catalytic converter reduces the amount of harmful emissions produced by the engine and transforms them into water vapors and other less harmful gases so that they can be safely released into the atmosphere.

The muffler is a metal container which reduces noise produced by the engine, something like a silencer muffles the discharge of a weapon.

The resonator works in tandem with the muffler to aid in noise reduction.

Tail Pipe: The tail pipe can be found at the rear of the car. It carries exhaust gases and emissions safely away from the vehicle and out into the atmosphere.

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