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If your vehicle's fuel economy is reduced, idles rough, hesitates when accelerating, throttle sticks, won't cold start, engine knocks, or failed an emissions test, Your system may be worn out or dirty. To keep emissions low, and avoid clogs and blockages, your fuel system must be maintained. For the best mileage and efficiency, fuel filters need to be replaced every 24,000 to 48,000 kilometers. Bring your vehicle to Boyd Automotive and Tire in St. Catharines and we'll replace your old filter or clean your dirty system.

Boyd Automotive and Tire's Fuel Services include:

  • Cleaning the deposits leftover from fuel injectors
  • Clearing the intake valves of buildup from deposits
  • Clearing deposits from the combustion chamber
  • Clear deposits from the air intake (including throttle body and intake manifold)