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Radiator Repair and Replacement

When your radiator fails to function properly, it’s very similar to giving your engine an unhealthy rise in temperature, just like a fever. This not only hurts its performance, but can create extreme damage. Also, a radiator leak can also into a major repair for your car which can need a full radiator replacement.

Your car’s radiator is a very vital part in keeping your car running at the right temp. This part transfers heat from your engine so that the engine stays cool and runs correctly. Our St. Catharines mechanics will explain how the radiator component works and when you would need to replace it:

When Should I Get a Radiator Repair or Replacement?

Our team of ASE Certified techs will inform you is that it’s best to keep your engine running as cool as possible so that it can run more cleanly & efficiently. This will allow your engine to last a good lifetime and keep it safe from irregular wear & tear. If the radiator leak isn’t fixed properly or ASAP, your engine can overheat causing:

  • A blown-out top header
  • Damage of your whole radiator
  • Cracking of the head gasket
  • Whole engine seizure

Our St. Catharines auto repair offers radiator repairs and radiator replacements for a wide variety of car makes and models. We will repair your radiator in a timely manner and get you back on the road ASAP. Give us a call today or set up an appointment if you need a radiator repair or replacement!