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Tune-Ups Service

Maximize mileage, power, and increase performance life of your vehicle with regular tune ups from Boyd Automotive and Tire in St. Catharines. Tune ups should be scheduled at approximately 48,000 kilometer intervals - OR every two years. These are dependent on the age and mileage of the vehicle. A tune up ensures that too often overlooked details work correctly and get replaced or repaired when needed.

In a typical Tune up:

  • Fuel Filters are replaced or cleaned of dirt and grime which decrease the vehicles efficiency and power.
  • Spark plugs and plug wires are checked and changed if necessary. Bad plugs or wires often lead to mileage inefficiency, rough starts, or loss of power. 
  • Distributor caps and rotors replaced if necessary. Depending on the vehicle model and make, these may or may not even be in the vehicle. Contact Boyd Automotive and Tire in St. Catharines or stop in to find out if you have or need these replaced.
  • Belts are a very important part of a tune up. Signs of wear and tear must be checked and properly dealt with or replaced.
  • Top off all fluids and levels.
  • Oil filter change/ replace in necessary.
  • Air filter Replaced if Necessary.
  • Manual Transmissions checked and clutches adjusted.
  • Batteries and Cables serviced or replaced if necessary.

Email, call or visit us at Boyd Automotive and Tire in St. Catharines to get quotes, pricing and your questions answered or a regular tune-up scheduled today.