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Windshield Wipers Service

Most drivers often overlook the importance of their vehicle's windshield wipers. Dirt, oil, extreme temperatures, as well as other factors can cause your windshield wiper latex and rubber to wear out.

A cracked and worn out wiper is ineffective to creating a safe drive. It actually creates streaks and smudges on your windshield and blocks your vision. This is extremely dangerous to you as a driver and other drivers around you. Without your vision while driving, you increase your chances of crashing tenfold.

When you see that your wipers are torn, cracked or has jagged edges, this means that you may be due for a new set of wipers. Our ASE Certified techs at our St. Catharines auto repair suggests that you change your wipers’ rubber and arm every 6 months. Our St. Catharines mechanics will fix any of your wiper problems and we’ll let you know which type of wipers works best for your vehicle and driving conditions.

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