Power Steering Repair in St. Catharines, ON

Power Steering Repair in St. Catharines, ON

How does power steering work?

Have you ever been driving around St. Catharines, ON, and wondered how your power steering works? Power steering works to reduce the amount of effort needed from the driver to turn the steering wheel. Without power steering, steering your vehicle would be much more difficult. Power steering uses either a hydraulic system or an electrical system to assist the driver with steering the vehicle.

Power steering that utilizes a hydraulic system relies on a hydraulic pump, the engine’s power, and the hydraulic fluid to steer the vehicle. With the combination of the hydraulic pump and the vehicle’s engine, it applies force on the steering gear by pumping hydraulic fluid to the power steering pump. If your power steering pump needs repair, Boyd Automotive & Tire is your 1st choice. The power steering fluid is stored in depressurized form within the power steering reservoir, and only when needed does the power steering pump pressurize the fluid and deliver it to assist in steering. Give Boyd Automotive & Tire a call if you have any questions regarding the steering system on your Toyota, Honda, Ford, Hyundai or other vehicle.

Unlike hydraulic power steering, electrical power steering relies on an electrical motor and sensors on the steering column. By analyzing the input from the steering wheel, the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) then sends a signal to the electronic motor, which is located on the end of the steering column. This motor then turns and aids the driver with the steering process. We at Boyd Automotive & Tire in St. Catharines have been performing power steering repairs on a multitude of vehicle makes since 2002, and our owner Stu Boyd makes sure their award-winning local technicians go through extensive auto repair training.

Here are some signs that your vehicle might need power steering repair:

  • Whining or squealing noise.

If there is a whining or squealing noise while turning your steering wheel, chances are that your power steering needs to be inspected or repaired. The power steering belt may also be torn or damaged.  This is a more serious issue and if this occurs, you should bring your vehicle to Boyd Automotive & Tire in St. Catharines as soon as possible.

  • Vibrations on the steering wheel.

This could mean that the steering belt is damaged or loose. It is absolutely necessary to get this resolved as soon as possible as the power steering could malfunction and fail.

  • Difficulty turning the steering wheel.

Power steering is designed to make steering much easier and convenient for drivers. If your steering wheel is stiff, this could mean your vehicle's fluid levels are low, in which case you would need to come into Boyd Automotive & Tire for a power steering fluid exchange service. If this is not the case, then there is a problem with your steering system. If you notice that you have difficulty when steering, it is important to get this issue inspected by our knowledgeable technicians as soon as possible.

  • Power steering fluid leak.

If you notice that there is a fluid leak near the steering gear or rack, chances are that you have a power steering fluid leak. If there is a leak, this does not allow the hydraulic power steering system to work properly. If you are in St. Catharines, Fonthill, Jordan, Lincoln, Niagara Falls, or nearby, you can come to Boyd Automotive & Tire in St. Catharines to address any power steering problems.

  • Your vehicle wanders or pulls to one side.

This often indicates a problem with a worn steering gear. Premature steering gear wear can be caused by lack of lubrication from power steering fluid, so you should also check for any power steering leaks when replacing a worn steering gear. We at Boyd Automotive & Tire in Ontario Province can also check for leaks when you bring your vehicle in.

Your expertly trained and ASE certified shop for Power Steering Repair

It is important to bring your vehicle to an auto repair shop that knows about your vehicle's specific parts and has experience in power steering repair. If you are in the L2S 0B3 area or nearby, that shop is Boyd Automotive & Tire. We specialize in oil changes, fluid services and tune-ups and transmission repair, and can also perform routine services on your vehicle, such as regular maintenance, and tune-ups.

Here are some reasons why you should choose us:

  • Locally owned and operated since 2002
  • Only OEM and OEM-approved parts/components
  • Shuttle on all services, loaner on major service
  • Alternative payment options (see our financing page)
  • Our diverse team is sure to have an expert in the make and model of your vehicle

To schedule an appointment with Boyd Automotive & Tire in St. Catharines, give us a call at 905-685-5821 or schedule an appointment online .

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